The Arbitrum Makx Card

2 min readJun 6, 2023

Introducing the Arbitrum NFT Customization Launchpad on Makx protocol

In line with the recent NFT launchpad integration, the arbitrum chain is also live giving everyone the opportunity to seamlessly mint and launch their NFT on Makx protocol. Makx will be launching the Arbitrum Makx Card NFT on Makx protocol. This Arbitrum Makx Card mint will start at 16:00 on May 25, 2023 (UTC.)

The Arbitrum Makx Card is a 2.5K membership that connects collectors and artists within the arbitrum chain on Makx protocol.

In addition to Arbitrum Makx Card, holders will get early access to unique opportunities and upcoming mints on the Makx NFT launchpad section.

Just like the Nova, the Arbitrum Makx Card will be valid from 21/05/2023 to 1/1/2027.

The minting details will be as follows;

Total Mint: 3,000
Mint Price: 0.0032 ETH
Allocation per mint: 1,000,000 aMKX
Max mint per wallet: 30 Arbitrum Makx Card
Mint end date: 30th May
aMKX Distribution Plan: 30% of the aMKX allocated to each mint will be airdropped when minting ends (TGE). After 15 days, an additional 5% shall be released monthly, such that all Spotlight allocations are released within Twenty-Four months from the TGE date.

How to Participate

  1. From 21:00 on May 25th to June 30th. Arbitrum Makx Card minting will be open to everyone.
  2. Connect your wallet on and go to NFT Launch List. or the “ ” page.
  3. You will need some ETH on the Arbitrum One chain. To bridge into Arbitrum One, simply go to Orbiter Finance
  4. Select or click on the Arbitrum Makx Card, and click on the mint button.
  5. Confirm the transaction on your metamask and your Arbitrum Makx Card will be successfully minted and aMKX token allocated to you.
  6. Immediately after the minting period ends, you will be able to start claiming your aMKX.

To be eligible for participation, users must mint at least 1 Arbitrum Makx Card NFT: the more NFT a user mints, the more aMKX they will receive.

Additional reward distribution
10,000 nMKX to Halogen holders
10,000 nMKX to Arbitrum Launchpad on Makx
Makx Protocol takes care of gas fees.

Learn More About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, designed to improve the speed of transactions, increase scalability, and boost the network’s privacy. It allows users to perform transactions off the main network and has them verified and batched before being committed back to the main chain.




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