NFT Customization on Makx

2 min readMay 28, 2023

One of the interesting aspects of Makx NFT launchpad is its NFT customization as well as builder, giving creators the opportunity to add an NFT customization feature, which allows the community or users to customize the NFT according to their wish.

Our first experiment is the introduction of “Fruit Nation,” an innovative NFT art that seamlessly merges creative expression, national pride, and rewarding experiences. In this vibrant digital realm, art enthusiasts and collectors can customize the appearance of their NFTs, infusing them with unique and personal touches. But it doesn’t stop there — each NFT becomes a symbolic representation of the owner’s country, an artistic embodiment of their national identity.

With “Fruit Nation,” embracing one’s heritage takes on an entirely new dimension. Proud individuals from around the globe can showcase their cultural roots and engage in friendly competition as they come together in a global celebration of diversity. As a token of appreciation for their participation, rewards and incentives await those who proudly wave the banner of their respective nations.

How to Interact

  1. Connect your wallet on and go to NFT Launch List.
  2. You will need some ETH on the Arbitrum One chain. To bridge into Arbitrum One, simply go to Orbiter Finance
  3. Select or click on the Fruit Nation, and click on the mint button. Or simply go here
  4. Customize your NFT as you wish, there are 4 traits; Backdrop, farm, origin and sight. The final mint price will vary based on your selections and customization.
  5. Click on the mint button.
  6. Confirm the transaction on your metamask and your Fruit Nation will be successfully minted and nMKX token allocated to you.
  7. Immediately after the minting, you will be able to start claiming your nMKX.





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