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4 min readApr 11, 2023


Important update on the aMKX Arbitrum Makx token

Hello Makxians, we have successfully closed the fair liquidity launch of aMKX token, we want to thank all those that participated during the sale period and we want everyone to know that the journey of the album network on Makx Protocol has just started.

There are a few things we would like to highlight and clarify alongside the series of events that will accompany the aMKX token on the Arbitrum chain.

The aMKX Utility

As we have earlier mentioned in our previous contents, the aMKX token is not just any other token out there, but a token that will power the arbitrum network on Makx protocol.

  1. First, the aMKX token has been integrated as one of the default tokens for projects launching on the arbitrum network to select as their default token purchase. The benefit for projects using this is that fees will be collected on aMKX which benefits the aMKX holders.
  2. aMKX token will also be integrated as one of the token fees for projects that launch their airdrop on Makx airdrop features. If the fees are paid in the aMKX token (which of course will most likely be the case due to discount benefits) it becomes another benefit to the aMKX holders.
  3. In terms of staking features, project owners can pay for Makx staking services when they deploy their project staking on Makx using the aMKX token.

Earn aMKX

  1. Staking: You can now stake your aMKX token and earn more aMKX as a reward. This can be done through Makx staking features on the arbitrum network. Simply go to aMKX Staking Page and stake your aMKX to begin earning rewards.
  2. LP Farming: With the Makx LP Farming feature, you can add liquidity to aMKX, and stake your liquidity token to earn aMKX and ARB. The liquidity pool is coming soon

aMKX Airdrop Campaign and Events

During the aMKX token launch, numerous airdrops and events took place, here we will explain the flow and qualification of claiming these airdrops.

  1. The Halogen NFT Airdrop
    Holders of these NFTs will be able to claim an aMKX token in no distant time. Once the campaign ends, we will take snapshots of holders and distribute aMKX token reward to them. Also, holding the halogen NFT gives you access to get early access to future NFT drops.
  2. Share 50,000,000 Worth of aMKX Campaign
    In this campaign, we will distribute 50,000 aMKX tokens to all who participated in this campaign. There are 84 participants. Distribution will take place on 15th — April — 2023, 18:00 UTC.
  3. Share 5 Million $aMKX
    Just like the former campaign, This is a distribution of 5,000,000 aMKX tokens to participants. There are 651 participants, with each receiving 5,000 aMKX tokens. Distribution will take place on 15th — April — 2023, 18:00 UTC.
  4. Fair Liquidity Launch Less than 2 hours Campaign
    This is the distribution of 1 Mercury Access card + 100 $ARB token. There are 21 Participants, see the full list here. And there will be 1 winner. This reward will be distributed on 14th — April — 2023, 20:00 UTC.
    We will use the wheel of names to randomly select a winner and the process will be published.

Mercury Access Card

There are 5 categories of Mercury Access Card, which you can find in opensea. with each card having its powerful utility. Holders of this card earlier pointed will be able to pick one project they prefer listed on aMKX, and any fees generated from this project will be there’s. The card can only be used once. to reuse will require repurchase from opensea. Also, there will be a privileged airdrop for holders of this card.

aMKX Marketing and Campaign
There will be a massive and aggressive aMKX campaign to onboard more holders and users, which will positively affect the price of aMKX. This is expected to last for a period of 3 months.





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